Welcome to Stor-Elvdal Public Library! On this page we will bring library news in English.

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African night at the library in 2007. A flavour of Tanzania, singing and dancing

African night at the library in 2007. A flavour of Tanzania, singing and dancing

 How to become a user of Stor-Elvdal Bibliotek? 

Bring your personal ID to verify your identity at the library. The staff will provide you with a lending card.

Asylum seekers

Asylum seekers must bring their UDI-cards. These have no personal ID number, so the library cards will only be for use at the local library. If permanent stay is granted as a refugee,  you will, like all other permanent residents of Norway, get a personal ID-number. If that IDnumber  is added to the library card registration, the card will give access to most public libraries in Norway. In other words, you will then have a national lending card.

Library service is free

Your library card  is free of charge, but replacement cards will cost you NOK 10. It is also free to borrow book, audiobooks, dvd’s etc at the library, but there will be a fee to pay if the material is not given back in time. You will get a notice by mail or email to give you a chance to bring bach the material in time. Remember, you can normally also renew the material by using internet self service or by contacting the library.

 You can borrow film for 1 week, books and audio books for 4 weeks.  The library cardnumber gives you access to internet based services such as:

Mappa mi/My journal gives you the possibility to stay on top of your patron account, and allows you to renew, make and check lon the status of reservations, record your areas of interest and more.

Websøk(web search) gives you the possibility to search for books and other media.

Bazar is a multilingual guide to your rights and responsibilities in Norway.

News gives you access to netbased newspapers in many languages.

This picture belongs to International Children’s Digital Library. Here you can find childrens books in many languages, and read them directly on the computer. If you choose to the page Read Books, you can search for the right agegroup, fiction or nonfiction, living animals or fantasy creatures etc. The main page is in English, but you can choose between several languages. Most interesting for us here in Stor-Elvdal is Arabic, Farsi, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Take a look at the page if you like childrens books!


Library information in English.
Library information in Persian
Library information in somali Maktabad – deeq u furan cid walba
Library information in Arabic
Library information in Kurdic (Sorani)

For self service and general information, follow this link.


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